Siete Mas means Seven More, in Spanish. Siete Mas CBD Oil has up to 7 times more active CBD in every bottle, compared to other leading brands.

Siete Mas specializes in the production and distribution of the highest quality CBD Oil on earth.

Our founders have been believers in the benefits of CBD, having witnessed endless stories about how CBD oil has drastically improved the quality of life for just about everyone who has used it. We believe CBD is a wildly effective, natural and holistic dietary supplement for dozens of issues. We have never heard someone say it didn’t help them. And from our first hand experience with CBD, it helps us, and our loved ones too.

An interesting story about how Siete Mas was founded… When two of our partners were talking to a banker to get a loan to start production, the banker actually interrupted and gave his personal testimony for how CBD oil has radically improved the quality of his life. 

We see CBD oil everywhere. And it’s typically pretty expensive. We almost decided against making a competing product. But when we learned that 90% of the CBD products on the retail shelves are from isolate or are very diluted or of extremely low quality, we decided that we needed to create a superior quality product at the lowest possible price per active MG. That’s exactly what we’ve done. Siete Mas produces a top shelf, C02 Extracted, Full Spectrum CBD oil. It’s organic, vegan, kosher and has batch analysis reports to back it up.

Most people now agree that CBD provides astonishing success in treating a wide variety of medical issues. However, until the Farm Bill passed, commercial and political interests have mostly prevented CBD production from happening. That has changed. At least for now. 

Prescription medications tend to have a lot of side effects. We founded Siete Mas CBD to provide people like you with a superior quality product at a fair price that rivals the cheapest, lowest quality CBD products on the market. . Our goal is to make our ultra premium, full spectrum CBD products affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

How Siete Mas Makes The Magic Happen?