Want To Sell The Best CBD In The World?

Join The Siete Mas Team!

We have created a backoffice that makes it very easy for reps, resellers, retailers, affiliates and wholesale members to submit purchase orders, submit dropship orders, refer/setup other resellers, track shipments, and track referral sales commissions.

One Backoffice. One Product (for now). MANY Ways To Make Money:

Do you have relationships with retailers, or believe you’d be good at helping get Siete Mas CBD into stores in your area? In our backoffice you can add new retail accounts in seconds, order product, order business cards and promotional materials, and track your commissions from every account you set up. We pay $10/bottle for every bottle anyone you refer to us sells/orders. Sell more than 200 bottles a month and we’ll bump you to $15/bottle. Establish just 20 accounts who sell only 10 bottles a month each and you’ll earn an extra $3,000/month on autopilot! The more you work, the more you earn! We pay our reps the first week of every month for the previous months earnings.

Own a retail store and want to buy Siete Mas CBD at a wholesale price? We’ve made it very easy to submit purchase orders, with no minimums and free shipping (on orders of 10+ bottles). We provide creative, high-impact signage and display boxes that get attention and produce sales. Typically, retail stores can expect to make $60 per bottle sold.

Do you sell CBD products online and want to offer your audience an ultra premium CBD product at a competitive price? Our dashboard has a very simple dropship order form that lets you quickly submit all your daily orders in one-fell-swoop. You’ll pay our wholesale price, plus the actual shipping cost (no markup) per shipment. Typically dropshippers can expect to earn up to $60/bottle sold… And we handle the fulfillment direct to your customers!

Are you an affiliate marketer, or do you have an audience who would likely be interested in a very high quality CBD Oil? In our backoffice, you can create custom coupon codes for your customers, and we’ll pay you the difference between whatever your customer pays, and our wholesale price. For example, if you give your customer a $20 coupon code, they’ll only pay $129, and you’ll make $40 a bottle!  All you do is tell them where to go and what code to enter in to get their savings… We handle it from there.

Every wholesale account can do all of the above. You can sell in your own store, you can get your friends setup to sell in their stores, you can blast your email list with a coupon code, and you can dropship. There is limitless potential with your Siete Mas wholesale membership.